So you can have an idea of what is available to you, here is a quick overview of the ramps that we offer:

Aluminum Ramps

  • A knurled aluminum deck creates a skid-resistant surface that will never wear off
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Heavy-duty Welded Construction
  • A Clean Look that Lasts.
  • No splinters, rust, or rotting
  • Quick Installation – installs in hours, not days.

Wood Ramps

  • Compliment Your Home with the Natural Look of Wood
  • Can be Stained or Painted to Match an Existing Deck or Porch
  • Pressure-treated to Prevent Rotting
  • Lowest-cost Option


The First Step to a Wheelchair-Accessible Home

One of the first thoughts that comes to mind when faced with making a home wheelchair-accessible is the wheelchair ramp. You want the assurance of having a safe, high quality ramp, while keeping cost down and not taking away from the appeal of your home. At AMS, we work with you to ensure that what you need is what you get. We take pride in our work, and want you to have an accessible and attractive home you can be proud of, too!

To schedule an assessment, or to request more information on the ramps we offer, Call  us at (810) 670-3500.


(810) 670-3500